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HMS Suffolk Sights Bismarck от Jim Rae

HMS Suffolk Sights Bismarck
Today's painting, HMS Suffolk Sights Bismarck.
a quote from 'An Eyewitness Account of the Sinking of HMS Hood' by Lt D. N. Paton:
"Suddenly, at 7.22 in the evening of 23rd., one of the look-outs sighted Bismarck and Prinz Eugen emerging from a snow squall between Suffolk and the ice. There could be no mistaking the vastness of the battleship at the point blank range of seven miles, though the somewhat inappropriate remark of a midshipman – “Hood and Prince of Wales, I suppose” – subsequently became legendary. The enemy ships were moving fast in a S.W. direction parallel to the ice."
Tags: heimatflotte, jim rae, royal navy, Живопись, крейсера, линкоры, море-окиян, море-окиян-3

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