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Япония 1954-55 гг. в цвете

Фотограф - летчик ВВС США, служивший на авиабазе в Тачикаве в 1954-55 гг.

Nichigeki Theater in Ginza, Tokyo, 1955
1. Nichigeki Theater in Ginza, Tokyo, 1955

2. Department Store, Tokyo
Department Store, Tokyo

3. Tokyo rofftop view
Tokyo rofftop view

4. Department Store rooftop, Tokyo
Department Store rooftop, Tokyo

5. Tokyo View
Tokyo View

6. Tokyo from a rooftop
Tokyo from a rooftop

7. Ginza, Tokyo 1955
Ginza,Tokyo 1955

8. Tokyo street view
Tokyo street view

9. Tachikawa City, Japan
Tachikawa City, Japan

10. Tachikawa

11. Tachikawa

12. Tachikawa
Tachikawa, Japan

13. Beer joint at Lake Yamaguchi
Beer joint at Lake Yamaguchi

14. Countryside near Lake Yose
Countryside near Lake Yose

15. Lake Yose
Lake Yose

16. Lake Yose view
Lake Yose view

17. Near Lake Yose
Near Lake Yose

18. Powerplant at Lake Yose
Powerplant at Lake Yose

19. Water Wheel near Lake Yose
Water Wheel near lake Yose


21. Fuji-View Hotel
Fuji-View Hotel

22. Hotel near Fuchu
Hotel near Fuchu

23. Town of Fuji-Yoshida
Town of Fuji-Yoshida
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