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Лемминги, прыгающие на берег

Honda Point Disaster, September 1923. Aerial view of the disaster area, showing the seven destroyers that ran aground in a fog during the night of 8 September 1923. Photographed from a plane assigned to USS Aroostook (CM-3). Ships are: USS Nicholas (DD-311), in the left center; USS S.P. Lee (DD-310), astern of Nicholas; USS Delphy (DD-261), capsized in small cove (center); USS Young (DD-312), capsized in the center of the view; USS Chauncey (DD-296), upright ahead of Young; USS Woodbury (DD-309) on the rocks in the center; and USS Fuller (DD-297), closest to the camera.
Tags: us navy, море-окиян, море-окиян-1, чб, чб-2, эсминцы

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