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Звезды и полосы в цвете

Left front view of U. S. Navy Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat (BuNo 04778) on the ground with engine running, probably Long Island, New York, c1942

Front aerial view of U.S. Army Air Forces North American P-51B Mustang in flight banking to the left, ca. 1943.

Пилот Р-40 в полной экипировке, 1941

Douglas A-20A Havoc 3rd BG в полете, 1941

North American B-25A Mitchell готовится к вылету. Восточное побережье, 1942

Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina - 1942ой год.jpg

Left side view of early-model U. S. Navy Martin PBM Mariner taking off with paratroopers on board, 1943.

Left side view of U.S. Army Air Force Douglas C-52B Skytrain (s/n 41-7706) on the ground, 1942; aircraft was manufactured to be United Air Lines Douglas DC-3A (r/n NC 33648), but was used my U.S. Army Air Force

Low left side aerial view of U.S. Army Air Forces Stearman [Boeing-Stearman] PT-17 Kaydet (Model A75N1) in flight, 1941.

U.S. Army Air Forces Piper L-4 Grasshopper crew receiving orders prior to taking on an observation mission, ca. 1942

Left side view of U.S. Army Air Forces Piper L-4A Grasshopper (s/n 42-36396) coming in for a landing, ca. 1942.

Left side view of U. S. Navy Stearman N2S-2 (Model B75) (BuNo 3553) on ground, circa early 1940s

Планер Schweizer TG-2

Хвосты учебных самолетов Aeronca PT-19 Cornell

Забракованные РАФ пикировщики Брюстер Бермуда
High right rear aerial view of a Royal Air Force Brewster Bermuda Mk I (British sn FF-841), another Bermuda (sn FF-840) is partially in view, c1941
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