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Организованный горный туризм, 5 серия

[1945] GI painting sign Headquarters 10th Mountain Division, Italy

(221) [1945] Gen. Duff inspecting town
General Robinson E. Duff inspects a heavily shelled Italian town, with a damaged bridge in the background. Further in the background are rugged mountains.

(222) [1945] Gen. Hays at Desk, Campo Tizzoro, Italy
General George P. Hays, commander of the Tenth Mountain Division in Italy, sits at his desk in Campo Tizzoro, Italy. On his desk are an empty out-basket, a map, a magnifying glass [?], a newspaper, a name plate, a lamp, a calendar, a bowl or ash tray, an in-basket and a telephone.

(223) [1945] Gen. Hays at observation point
General Hays and three other Tenth Mountain Division soldiers at an observation point probably in Italy. A small white dog stands next to the general. Bushes with budding leaves surround them.

(224) [1945] Gen. Ruffner at desk, Lizzano
General David L. Ruffner poses for a portrait at a desk with an air speed mail kit and three pens on it. Behind him are maps on a bulletin board, made from Spumanti and vermouth boxes, and a large stone fireplace.

(225) [1945] Gen. Ruffner with field glasses
Tenth Mountain Division General David L. Ruffner making an observation using field glasses; another soldier with field glasses stands nearby. Woods have trees with budding leaves.

(226) [1945] General Hays at Rescia Pass with three others
General George P. Hays commander of the Tenth Mountain Division stands left with three others at Rescia Pass.

(227) [1945] Generals Hays and Duff at map, Campo Tizzoro, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division General George P. Hays points to a map of Europe as General Robinson E. Duff looks on at Campo Tizzoro, Italy.

(228) [1945] GI in foxhole with equipment, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division soldier, Pfc. Charles Herman smiles from foxhole, surrounded by miscellaneous equipment. Trees in background are leafless.

(229) [1945] GI leads POWs up hill
View taken at a distance across a farm field of a Tenth Mountain Division soldier leading a line of German Prisoners of war single file up a hill through a stand of leafless tress; mountain village in distance.

(230) [1945] Fallen soldier
A German soldier (probably dead) lies face down on the ground in the Italian woods. His Karabiner 98 Kurz rifle and potato masher grenades are to the side; his belt has standard issue Wehrmacht magazine pouches.

(231) [1945] GI painting sign Headquarters 10th Mountain Division, Italy
Sgt. John K. Coyle painting sign for Tenth Mountain Divison Headquarters in steep mountainous area during Italian Campaign. Trees are leafless; foot trails and sandbags in background.

(232) [1945] GI serving food to Italian
A Tenth Mountain Division soldier serves food to an Italian man, possibly a member of the Alpini, Italian Mountain Troops; he wears a plaid scarf, boots, a wool jacket and carrys a rucksack. In the background is a stone building and many U.S. soldiers. It was common practice to feed civilians after the soldiers had finished eating.

(233) [1945] Guarding German prisoners
A Tenth Mountain Division soldier guards two german prisoners. All three sit in the middle of the woods with an Italian town in the distance. Deeper in the woods more German prisoners and GIs are visible; leaves in bud on trees.

(234) [1945] Guarding five tagged POWs
Five Tenth Mountain Division soldiers guard five tagged German prisoners on an Italian hill. Trees in the background are leafless. Photographer's shadow is visible in lower left corner.

(235) [1945] Italian border guarded by an Alpini and two GIs
An Alpini, one of Italy's mountain troopers, and two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers stand at the Italian border near the guard- house. A sign reads: Italian military or civilians not permitted to cross frontier; mountains and leafy trees in the distance.

(236) [1945] Machine gunners digging in
Two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers prepare a machine gun emplacement in the Italian woods. Man closest to camera digs with a small shovel behind the gun while the other holds a pick. A rucksack and wooden box are on the ground beside them. Man shoveling wears all his equipment including a rucksack. In the background the trees and bushes are leafless.

(237) [1945] Loading Ballantine ale boxes onto truck, Italy
Five Tenth Mountain Division soldiers load boxes of Ballantine ale onto a U.S. Army truck.

(238) [1945] Medical team treats Italian woman
A Tenth Mountain Division medical team of five bandages the knee and hand of a woman wearing a checked jacket, wool skirt, wool socks and hiking boots. They work in an improvised operating room; instruments are laid out on a packing crate, and the operating table is a stretcher also suspended between packing crates. One team member holds a guaze bandage and scissors. One cuts the gauze of the woman's hand bandage as another holds her hand in place. Another bandages her ; knee while another holds her leg in place. A hanging lamp provides illumination and a row of lockers lines the wall behind them.

(239) [1945] Men on leave in Venice
Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers on leave take a ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy, after the end of the war.

(240) [1945] Mules at Italian creek
Five mules with Tenth Mountain Division mule handlers at a creek amid terraced Italian mountains; some of the trees have leaves.

(241) [1945] Mule on the ground, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division mule drivers and burros rest on a road; soldiers and rifles lean against a stone wall.

(242) [1945] Rapelling
Shows a Tenth Mountain Division soldier wearing a helmet rappelling on a rock face with a wooded area behind him.

(243) [1945] Roy O. Bingham, Blizzard photographer
Roy O. Bingham holds a canvas covered box and poses for a portrait in front of an haystack; two jeeps a leafy tree and mountains in the background. Bingham, photographer for the Blizzard, was assigned to the Tenth Mountain Division in Italy.

(244) [1945] Tank entering village, Italy
Shows the back of a tank as it enters a village along a narrow road between two stone buildings. Leafy trees in foreground and mountain in background.

(245) [1945] Tank moving into farm valley, Italy
A Tenth Mountain Division tank moves down a road toward an Italian farm as two GIs follow on foot. Houses are located on the hill in the distance as is a mountain peak with many rock formations; nearby trees have leaves.

(246) [1945] Seven GIs at sandbag bunker
Seven Tenth Mountain Division soldiers pose for the camera at a sandbag bunker during the Italian Campaign.

(247) [1945] Three Blizzard staff members, Italy
Three members of the Tenth Mountain Division newspaper, "The Blizzard" staff stand beneath a leafy tree in a plaza in an Italian town somewhere north of Campo Tizzoro. Left to right are: Sgt. Frank K. Kappler, T/4 Henry I. Moscow, and H. Richard Shea. All are smoking; Kappler a cigarette, Moscow and Shea pipes.

(248) [1945] Three GIs on mountain road, Italy
Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers move carefully down a road during the Italian Campaign. In the background are mountains and budding trees.

(249) [1945] Troops on the move in woods, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division troops on the move in the Italian woods. Roughly twenty soldiers walk single file far into the distance, some carry shovels in addition to their rifles and rucksacks. The trees are leafless.

(250) [1945] Troops move out from village, Italy
Approximately twenty Tenth Mountain Division troops wearing rucksacks and carrying rifles move out from an Italian village. The road leads toward mountains in the distance. Trees in the village have leaves.

(251) [1945] Evacuation tramway by 126th Engineers
Four members of the 126th Engineering company guide a litter basket along the evacuation tramway in Italy from a cliff top. Some of the trees nearby have leaves.

(252) [1945] General Hays making an award, Italy
General George P. Hays commander of the Tenth Mountain Division in Italy shakes a soldiers hand in a field with an Italian farm on a hill in the background.

(253) [1945] Field artillery observation crew
Group portrait of eleven members of the field artillery observation crew attached to the Tenth Mountain Division in front of a plane at an airfield in Italy.

(254) [1945] Firing heavy artillery
Four soldiers, from a unit in support of the Tenth Mountain Divisin Infantry, fire heavy artillery from beneath a camouflage.

(255) [1945] Five GIs acsending steep hill, Italy
Taken from a distance, shows five GIs making an acsent of a steep, brush-covered Italian hillside, with snow on the upper slope, leafless trees nearby. Probably taken during the attack on Mt. Belevedere.

(256) [1945] Four USO performers
United Service Organizations, USO Show. Two onstage actresses in cowgirl uniforms flank an actor on his knees; another actor in an army uniform carrying a rifle and wearing a helmet looks up at them.

(257) [1945] Gen. Duff at desk
Tenth Mountain Division Brigadier General Robinson E. Duff, Assistant Division Commander poses at his desk. On it are glasses and glasses case, ruler, pencil, map, magnifying glass, lamp, ashtray, and an out-box.

(258) 1945. Tank in the woods, Italy
A Tenth Mountain Division tank emerges from the Italian woods. Two soldiers are riding on top and three infantry men are walking along a road past the tank. The tank appears to be about to descend the embankment onto the road. All are wearing khaki uniforms and helmets. The trees have new leaves.

(259) [1945] Troop train
View of a troop train stopped along the rails at an undetermined location probably in Italy. Tenth Mountain Division soldiers sit on the floors of box cars letting their legs dangle out of the open doors. A few men stand on the parallel tracks in the distance. The landscape consists of low hills.

(260) 1945. Veraccio?
View of a an Italian town, possibly Veraccio. All the buildings have suffered heavy damage from artillery or bombing. This town was one of the towns the Tenth Mountain Division encountered during the Italian Campaign. Steep mountains rise in the background.

(261) [1945] Army mules crossing creek, Italy
Shows thirteen Tenth Mountain Division soldiers and six mules crossing an Italian creek. More men and mules are on the next part of the trail. Three men are riding. A few men are crossing by walking on a log. Steep wooded hills covered with trees with budding leaves rise in the background. A bridge is just visible down the trail which is visible as it continues up the hill.

(262) [1945] Blizzard staff members in Italian home
The room is furnished with fabric covered walls, a wood china cabinet, a religious picture, a small sofa, lace curtained windows, a lamp, and a sewing basket.; Group portrait taken in an Italian home. Left to right: Tenth Mountain Division soldier T/3 Einer Linstad, G87, (wearing a holster); Blizzard artist Sgt. Jacques Parker, C-86, and Blizzard correspondent T/5 Merrill Pollack, K-86 (with food in front of him). Food appears to be C-rations; the Italians may be two generations of a family seated around a table. Perhaps taken outside Udine, at Cividale.

(263) [1945] GIs observing Italian town
View of four Tenth Mountain Division soldiers observing a town across a valley from dug-in positions behind a line of leafless trees. The hillide below the town is full of shell holes. A small peak rises on the left; behind a ridge in the distance rise rugged mountains.

(264) [1945] GIs prepared for battle in the smoke
Roughly ten Tenth Mountain Division soldiers stand with full rucksacks and helmets near some leafy trees and bushes. Behind them is a flat dirt covered area and stone buildings. The area is full of smoke.

(265) [1945] Men and mules on wooded trail, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division troops and four pack mules walk and wait along a flat woody trail. Fallen leaves rest on the forest floor; trees have budding leaves.

(266) [1945] Part of Blizzard staff in Udine
Group portrait of four of the Tenth Mountain Division's newspaper, the Blizzard , staff members by a fountain in Udine, Italy. The staff are: correspondent Pfc. Merrill Pollack (K-86th), staff artist Jacques Parker (C-86th), staffer T/5 H. Richard (Dick) Shea, and Sgt. Jim Saviers (B-86th, HQ 1, 86th). Photo was taken in late June or early July, 1945.

(267) [1945] Honor guard on horseback
General Harding of the British 13th Corps reviews a Tenth Mountain Division Reconnaissance Unit Guard of Honor that is mounted on horseback. The guard of honor rings a small plaza, a building is at one end and men watch from the windows, other by-standers watch from under a leafy tree. In the center of the plaza General Harding speaks to the officer, who is holding his horse. Behind them is a row of eight more men and officers; farther behind are two men, dismounted but ; holding horses.

(268) [1945] Rep. Clare Booth Luce visits Division
Tenth Mountain Division General George P. Hays, Representative Clair Booth Luce, and probably S/Sergeant Richard A. Rocker converse during Luce's visit. In the background are three jeeps. Luce rests her hand on a pole with the division's insignia that is attached to one of the jeeps. Behind them are three soldiers. In the background is a stone building and a ridge covered with leafless trees.

(269) [1945] Troop movement past smoking buildings
Seven Tenth Mountain Division soldiers walk away from the camera down a road; on both sides buildings are obscured by smoke; two are on the left side and one on the right side of the road. Trees alongside the road have leaves.

(270) [1945] USO show comedy skit
his left hand. Beside him is another woman in a cowgirl suit looks at the man in uniform. Behind her and to the right is a man in an oficer's uniform who looks at the man in the GI uniform. On the far right is a man with an accordion who is looking at the man in the GI uniform as well.; Seven members of a United Service Organizations, USO show on stage. Left to right: A woman in a cowgirl outfit looks at the man on her right. He wears the uniform of a GI and is the center of attention as he makes a fist and reaches over the woman on his right to punch a man in a suit. The woman to the right of the man in the GI uniform wears a spangled two-piece outfit and looks up at him as he reaches over her. Beside her is the man being punched. He makes a fist with

(271) [1945] USO show musical number
a GI uniform playing a slide trombone while kneeling turned toward the woman lunging so that the slide almost touches her knee.; Seven members of a United Service Organizations, USO troop, perform a musical number on stage. Shows left to right: a man in an army officer's uniform singing at a microphone. To his right, two women in cowgirl outfits sing, the woman to the farthest right plays a guitar. In front of them a woman poses in a lunge wearing a two-piece spangled outfit. Next is a man in a suit playing a violin while kneeling; next to him is a man playing accordion. Farthest right is a man in

(272) [1945] View of Abetaia, Italy
View of the village of Abetaia, Italy, taken from the road. The Tenth Mountain Division passed through Abetaia during the Italian campaign.

(273) [1945] Brogihans around table
A group portrait of three men, possibly staff members of the Tenth Mountain Division's newspaper, the Blizzard sit around a table on a terrace studiously looking at magazines.

(274) 1945. "Alabama" Smith
Portrait of "Alabama" Smith of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, Company I, taken during the Italian Campaign.

(275) 1945. Church at Madonna Di Brasa
Rubble of the Church at Madonna Di Brasa, which was one of the towns occupied by the Tenth Mountain Division during the World War II Italian Campaign.

(276) 1945. Dick Wright after a battle
Portrait of Dick Wright of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, Company E, displaying, according to the photographer, the grim effects of combat during the Italian Campaign.

(277) 1945. Eating while listening for German artillery
Two GIs eat rations from their mess kits around a jeep. One sits in the passenger seat using the hood as a table while the other stands behind him using a small bench at the rear of the jeep to hold his plate and cup. They eat among the rubble of a shelled town, probably Pietra Colora. According to the photographer they are listening to the sound of German artillery falling nearby and preparing to take cover if the rounds start falling closer.

(278) 1945. Italian Alpini Mule Train bringing supplies to Pietra Colora, Italy
Italian Alpini mule train is unpacked in shell-damaged town of Pietra Colora. The Tenth Mountain Division used both Italian mules and eventually U.S. mules to transport supplies in Italy.

(279) 1945. Raffi Bedayan in Pietra Colora, Italy
Portrait of Raffi Bedayan, of the Tenth Mountain Division, Headquarters Company, 3rd Battalion, taken after the battle for Pietra Colora, Italy.

(280) 1945. Robert "Bob" Lake, in Pietra Colora
chance to rest.; Portrait of Robert "Bob" Lake of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, Company I. According to the photographer this photograph contains many items that were considered luxurious after being relieved from combat duty. They include: dry straw to insulate the cold stones, a sheltering wall against shrapnel and wind, clean socks, having the chance to have washed oneself, having something to read like the copy of Outdoor Life to his left, and above all having the
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