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Организованный горный туризм, 4 серия

[1945] Eating chow in Italian hilltown

Немного пояснений
1) В предыдущих сериях фотографии были более-менее датированы, а сейчас пойдет скопом "1945 год", т.е. просто отнесенные к пребыванию дивизии в Италии
2) ##165-166 пропущены для упрощения нумерации

(167) [1945] Typical dugout
Members of the 10th Mountain Division sit on the edge of a fox hole during the Italian campaign of World War II. Supplies include pots and clothes.

(168) [1945] Sgt. Barnet[t] Dexter (left) Lt. John Pauly examining spiked 88
Sergeant Barnett Dexter and Lieutenant John Paul, members of the 10th Mountain Division 85th Regiment Headquarters, 2nd Battalion, inspect a piece of destroyed German artillery during the Italian campaign of World War II in Italy. The men wear uniforms.

(169) [1945] Sgt. Dexter & Italian Alpinis
Sergeant Barnett Dexter (center, back row), a member of the 10th Mountain Division, poses with a group of Italian Alpini (mule teamsters) in Italy during the Italian campaign of World War II. Mules stand nearby.

(170) [1945] Harbor at Malcensine on Lake Garda
Members of the 10th Mountain Division 2nd Battalion 85th Regiment Headquarters stand near a boat used to carry "Long Toms" across Lake Garda in Italy during the Italian campaign of World War II. Buildings, trucks, and tanks are near the water.

(171) [1945] German prisoners transported to POW cages in their own vehicles
Members of the 10th Mountain Division escort German prisoners of war in trucks in Italy during the Italian campaign of World War II.

(172) [between 1943 and 1945?] Nelson and Edmund Bennett
Nelson Bennett a member of the 10th Mountain Division 87th Regiment Company I and Edmund Bennett a member of the 10th Mountain Division 87th Regiment Company K pose outdoors with their backpacks and gear. They wear military uniforms.

(173) 1945. Sgt. George D. Orrell
Sergeant George D. Orrell, a member of the 10th Mountain Division 85th Regiment, Company I, shaves at a campsite possibly on Mount Belvedere in Italy. A Jeep and woodstove are nearby.

(174) [1945] Scene in Italian Farmhouse
Shows six people in an Italian farmhouse, including a woman knitting, and small boy. Col. David M. Fowler, commander of the 87th Regiment of the Tenth Mountain Division holds a map. In the house, sausages hang from the ceiling, tin cans rest on the mantle, and a cat sits by the fireplace.

(175) [1945] Troop ship docking in U.S.A.
Tenth Mountain Division troops fill every available space on the lower deck of a troop ship, as it docks in the U.S.A. Dock has sign: Welcome home, well done. Another ship is docked; the land nearby appears flat and industrial with a water tower and smoke stacks.

(176) [1945] Wounded soldier with medics
A wounded Tenth Mountain Division soldier lies on a stretcher surrounded by medical personnel in a small plaza in an Italian village. They are examining his leg. A medical jeep with a large red cross flag is parked nearby and three medics are wearing helmets with red cross markings. A soldier in the far background faces away from the camera. The buildings are made of stone. None of the plants have foliage.

(177) [1945] GI shaving in foxhole using helmet as basin
Tenth Mountain Division soldier, Pfc. Ralf Lamping shaves in his foxhole using his helmet as a basin during the Italian campaign. In the background is a pile of miscellaneous equipment, and leafless trees.

(178) [1945] Mule encampment, Italy
View of a Tenth Mountain Division mule encampment is in a valley surrounded by wooded mountains with pines and leafless deciduous trees. Three assembly lines are visible as the mule drivers saddle the mules. Rows of unsaddled mules, pack saddles and saddled mules stretch far into the distance. Men either work with mules and equipment or relax beside saddles or their tents.

(179) [1945] Nurse with GI in hospital, Italy
A nurse takes the temperature and pulse of Tenth Mountain Division soldier, S/Sergeant George V. Geiss as he lies in his hospital bed in Italy.

(180) [1945] POWs head down and GIs up Italian trail
Nine armed, helmeted, and wearing packs Tenth Mountain Division soldiers climb an Italian trail as five German prisoners with their hands on their heads descend it. In the background new leaves are on the trees.

(181) [1945] Soldiers eating around a jeep
Five Tenth Mountain Division soldiers eat their chow around a jeep in a heavily shelled Italian town. One bites into a piece of food and holds an opened can with a spoon in it while standing beside the jeep. The second sits behind the steering wheel and has his plate and an opened can propped on the dashboard. He is wearing glasses. Behind him another drinks from a metal cup and holds a piece of food. The fourth uses the hood of the jeep as a table while he opens a small ; from a metal cup.; packet of food. He is wearing a wedding ring. The fifth soldier stands in front of the jeep and spoons food from a can. All are wearing helmets and have their rifles propped against the side of the jeep. The jeep has the name Marilyn painted above the right rear tire and is parked near three shelled buildings. Rubble covers the ground and shelled, leafless trees are in the background. Another soldier sits on the ground against the wall of the closest building drinking

(182) [1945] Throwing grenade into house
Eight Tenth Mountain Division soldiers begin an attack on a Italian stone house as one throws a grenade at a door while the rest standby. Some of the trees have leaves others do not; mountain-top in background.

(183) [1945] Generals Hays, Duff and Ruffner under tent
Group portrait of Tenth Mountain Division generals. Shows Major General George P. Hays, Division Commander (center); Brigadier General Robinson E. Duff, Assistant Division Commander (left); and Brigadier General David L. Ruffner, Division Artillery Commander (right) underneath a large tent and trailer. The photographer's shadow is visible in the lower right corner; probably photographed in Italy.

(184) [1945] Three soldiers observe an Italian town
Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers observe an Italian town from a fenced vantage point. All carry weapons and wear white camouflage coats, one has skis.

(185) [1945] 75mm howitzer in action
Six soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division fire a 75mm howitzer uphill from a shelter made of sandbags. One gives orders to fire while the others crouch against the blast. In the background downslope are a few Italian farm houses, a dirt road, a leafless tree, and the rim of the valley.

(186) [1945] Artillery Barrage, Italy
Artillery hits sites on the upper part of a mountain in Italy, while a town down the hill is spared. In the background are more mountains; trees have budding leaves.

(187) [1945] Checkpoint on Italian border
Truckload of Tenth Mountain Division soldiers heads away from the camera toward a checkpoint. Three soldiers are waiting at the building beside checkpoint; rugged mountains and pine forest are in background. Sign reads: Italian military or civilians not permitted to cross frontier.

(188) [1945] Chow line, Lizzano in Belvedere
Shows approximately twenty Tenth Mountain Division soldiers; some wait in a chow line holding mess kits, two serve food, others eat or stand around. Up a dirt road is a town, possibly Lizzano, Italy. Also visible are three jeeps and the edge of tents and a gas can. In the background are cyprus and pine trees; all deciduous trees are leafless.

(189) [1945] Division Headquarters Udine
Shows post-war headquarters of the Tenth Mountain Division in Udine, Italy; includes large stucco buliding, eight jeeps parked in front, large leafy tree in plaza, buildings in background, and one soldier on guard.

(190) [1945] Eating chow in Italian hilltown
Five Tenth Mountain Division soldiers eat in the shelter of an Italian stone building on packing crates surrounded by miscellaneous equipment and wooden barrels. Three soldiers in the background stand by a jeep. A hill is in the far background.

(191) [1945] Foxholes beside road, Italy
A person in a coat and hat carrys a large box and walks down a steep dirt road as Tenth Mountain Division soldiers, dug into fox holes on the Italian hillside, look on. Trees at the top of the hill are leafless.

(192) [1945] Gang plank
Six Tenth Mountain Division soldiers walk along a gang plank fully loaded with baggage, wearing uniforms, helmets and carrying rifles; probably boarding ship in Italy bound for the U.S.A.

(193) [1945] German self propeld gun
Shows the scene after one of the Tenth Mountain Division's battles in an Italian hill town. A German tank is in front of a shelled stone building. A dead soldier is lying on the ground perpendicular to the tank; rubble, refuse and fallen branches surround him.

(194) [1945] Haircut in the field
One Tenth Mountain Division soldier gives another a haircut as they stand in a clearing during the Italian Campaign. In the background are jeeps and trees, the deciduous ones are leafless.

(195) [1945] Inside pack mule assembly area, Italy
Pack mule assembly area in Italian Valley; shows a large number of pack saddles, mules, and mule handlers of the Tenth Mountain Division.

(196) [1945] Margaret Bourke-White photographing ski troops
Margaret Bourk-White, photographer for Life magazine, faces away from the camera in this image of her photographing four Tenth Mountain Division soldiers skiing in Italy. All the skiers wear white camouflage coats, three carry rifles and one wears a medic's helmet. At the edge of the frame a soldier looks on; visible at his feet are his shadow and that of another soldier standing beside him out of the frame. The shadow of the photographer, Roy O. Bingham, is also ; visible at the bottom of the frame. Snow covers the ground and trees in the background are leafless. In the distance a terraced hill with buildings has much less snow.

(197) [1945] Mules and mule drivers in Italian Hills
Shows four packed mules following a steep trail and one grazing without load while a Tenth Mountain Division mule driver holds its tether. Two mule drivers struggle with a pack saddle in the middle of the trail a few feet away. Photographed in the Italian hills covered with leafless trees.

(198) [1945] Practicing evacuation techniques
Twelve Tenth Mountain Division soldiers practice evacuation techniques. One holds a rope upslope from the medic carrying a "wounded" soldier down a steep hill; the rope steadies the man with the load, which is called belaying. Trees in the background are leafless. A Rock Climbing school for medics was held during the Italian Campaign in April 1945. This photograph was probably taken at that time.

(199) [1945] Rest break on Italian trail
Shows roughly twenty soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division taking a rest break on a steep Italian trail.

(200) [1945] Soldiers coming out of woods
Small group of five Tenth Mountain Division soldiers walks out of the woods along a trail in Italy. A small hill is behind them and the trees are leafless.

(201) [1945] Soldier with stockings and pin-ups
Taken during the Italian campaign; Tenth Mountain Division soldier sits on crate holding up two pairs of stockings and wearing a big grin under his helmet. In back of him, tacked to a wall, are numbered pin- up photographs.

(202) [1945] Soldiers saluting in street
Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers salute three others in front of a stone building in Italy.

(203) [1945] Soldiers with mules in the Italian hills
Shows sixteen mules with roughly twice as many Tenth Mountain Division soldiers either resting or preparing for the next advance during the Italian Campaign. Hills are covered with leafless trees.

(204) [1945] Soldiers with two tanks
Photograph of the back of two tanks on a rocky Italian dirt road. One tank has slipped off. Two soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division appear to be having a discussion near the tank that has slid, another soldier is walking toward them. A soldier sits on the disabled tank facing the discussion and the camera. One solder is bent at the waist looking at the ground beside the road; he is almost hidden by a fence post with a sign with the number 1 on it. The driver of the ; tank on the road faces away from the camera. In the distance is an orchard and fields at the base of a steep mountain. A few trees have leaves.

(205) [1945] Thirteen German Prisoners on Italian Road
Thirteen German prisoners march toward the camera on a small road in Italy. They carry one of their number on a stretcher. Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers watch over the group. In the background are open fields lined with barbed wire fences, a hay stack and leafless trees.

(206) 1945. Troops homebound by ship
Tenth Mountain Division troops fill the entire frame, except for a small triangle of water in the upper right corner; troops are returning by ship to the U.S.A. All are in uniform, most wear helmets and some wear life vests. Some are reading, some resting, others look out to sea.

(207) [1945] Two German prisoners with group of 10th Mountain Division soldiers on an Italian Road
A large group of Tenth Mountain Division soldiers stay low on an Italian road in the middle of open fields. Centered in the image, two German soldiers stand in front of a tall American soldier who has hold of the arm of one German while five American soldiers sit and look on. Also looking on are two mules. The trees in the photograph have budding leaves.

(208) [1945] Two soldiers reading magazines
Taken during the Italian campaign, the photograph shows two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers relaxing in a haystack by reading magazines. In the background are mountains and leafless trees.

(209) [1945] Two soldiers with liquor and cigars
Two soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division enjoy liquor and cigars for the camera in a fenced in area. In the background is a building, a leafless tree filled with wires, an Italian hillside and miscellaneous equipment. Soldier holding bottle is identified as Roger Eddy.

(210) [1945] Vaughn and buddies
Five soldiers pose for the camera in front of a jeep with a Tenth Mountain Division "Mountain Patch" symbol attached to a banner on the front bumper. A stone building is directly behind the group and forested Italian mountains are visible in the distance. Trees have budding leaves.

(211) [1945] View of pack mule assembly area, Italy
Wide view of Tenth Mountain Division's pack mule assembly area in Italian valley; shows numerous mules in line, two soldiers beside a creek, tents, forest, and mountains. Deciduous trees are leafless.

(212) [1945] Troops moving out on foot in Italy
Shows Tenth Mountain Division soldiers in Italy leaving a road and moving down into a small valley. The road leads toward a shelled stone building and the soldiers are headed toward the area below the structure. One soldier stands guard over an opening in a barbed wire fence where the others are crossing. The trees in the photograph are leafless.

(213) [1945] Two soldiers cleaning a gun
Two soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division sit cross-legged in front of a haystack in Italy. In front of them on a blanket is a rifle, which the man on the left is cleaning; the man on the right offers the other a newspaper.

(214) [1945] Alpini in chow-line
In Cutigliano (Pistoia), Italy, two Tenth Mountain Division soldiers serve food to a group of Alpini [Italian Mountain soldiers] as a young boy looks on. It was common practice to serve the civilian population once U.S. soldiers had eaten. Trees in the background are leafless.

(215) [1945] Army mules ford creek, Italy
Eight Army mules with U.S. brands and ten Tenth Mountain Division mule drivers ford a creek. Four mules carry riders; the other four bear fully loaded pack saddles. The men wear caps not helmets. Once across the creek, the mules begin climbing a trail. The area is wooded and deciduous trees have budding leaves.

(216) [1945] Blizzard staff on ship to Europe
A group portrait of the Blizzard staff on the ship to Europe. Each man is posed as though he is doing his job around a small table. Staff are: T/5 H. Richard Shea, T/4 Henry I. Moscow, 1st Lt. Muldrow Garrison, Sgt. Frank K. Kappler, T/5 W. David Judson, T/5 Fritz Kramer, 10th Recon.

(217) [1945] Blizzard staff photographer, Italy
Portrait of a photograper with a pencil thin mustache wearing army uniform, helmet and carrying a 4x5 camera with flash. Taken as he bites into a piece of bread [?] The photographer is Pfc. Bill Thompson.

(218) [1945] Building and mountain encampment, Italy
Overview of a large stone building complex with tiled roofs surrounded by fourteen U.S. Army vehicles located in a mountain valley, trees nearby have budding leaves; possibly Tenth Mountain Division headquarters. Men are visible in the woods and driving along the road. Tents pitched up the hill from the complex in a grove of trees or orchard. Overlooking the complex is a town built at the top of a ridge. In the distance is a rugged mountain range.

(219) [1945] Col. Tomlinson with Gen. Hays
General George P. Hays, commander of the Tenth Mountain Division in Italy, shakes hands with Col. Clarence Tomlinson, commander of the 86th Mountain Infantry Regiment; probably at an awards ceremony.

(220) [1945] Dentist treats civilian
A Tenth Mountain Division dentist and assistant treat a man wearing civilian clothes, possibly a member of the Alpini, Italy's mountain troops. The patient sits with his head in a brace and the drill overhead as the dentist examines his teeth. The assistant holds a glass jar with a piece of white cloth inside.
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