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Организованный горный туризм

Организатор поездки в Италию - 10я горная дивизия.

(1) 1945 January 24. 10th Mountain troops debark at Leghorn, Italy
Uniformed artillerymen, members of the 10th Mountain Division, descend a gangplank from a transport ship in the city of Livorno, Italy. The men wears uniforms and carry packs, duffel bags and rifles. Open army trucks are filled with soldiers on a quay near a retaining wall and bombed out buildings. A sign on the ship reads: "Ships dispensary."

(2) January, 1945. Encampment at King Victor Emmanuel's hunting grounds near Pisa, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel's hunting grounds near Pisa, Italy, surrounded by leafy trees. Soldiers unpack supplies and equipment from large crates.

(3) January 1945. Group portrait aboard Meigs
Eleven unidentified Tenth Mountain Division soldiers sit for a group portrait at the stern of the USAT Meigs. All but one wear life vests. Another ship sails behind them on the right.

(4) January 1945. Encampment at King Victor Emmanuel's Hunting Grounds near Pisa, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel's Hunting Grounds near Pisa, Italy; shows soldiers relaxing in warm weather around a line of tents in a large open field, some play ball; miscellaneous equipment in background.

(5) January 1945. Kramer rappelling on the Meigs
Tenth Mountain Division soldier Fritz L. Kramer rappelling on the USAT Meigs on the way to Italy.

(6) January 1945. Packing-crates at encampment, Pisa
A Tenth Mountain Division soldier bends with back to camera near a trash fire; he holds a gasoline can. Other soldiers are visible throughout the rest of the image as they do chores around their tents or the stacks of packing crates in a large encampment in a flat open field surrounded by trees, at King Victor Emmanuel's hunting grounds, near Pisa, Italy.

(7) January 1945. Troops boarding the Meigs
Three Tenth Mountain Division soldiers board the USAT Meigs on their way to Italy loaded with gear and carrying meal tickets. Gear includes: dufflebag, rucksack, small bag, and rifle. The uniform consists of: helmet, jacket, sweater, pants, and combat boots.

(8) January 1945. Trucks at encampment, Pisa
Eight trucks in a Tenth Mountain Division encampment at King Victor Emmanuel's hunting grounds near Pisa, Italy. In the background neat rows of tents fill an open field surrounded by leafy trees.

(9) [January, 1945] View of San Marcello Pistoiese, Italy
View of San Marcello Pistoiese near the Tenth Mountain Division headquarters at Campo Tizzoro, Italy.

(10) February 19, 1945. Monte Belvedere from Vidiciatico, Italy
View of Monte Belvedere from Vidiciatico, Italy taken the day before the attack. Shows the ridge, which extends from the summit on the right and ends at Rocca Coronetta on the left, that the troops of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, were to seize from German troops.

(11) 1945 February 20. Patrols securing Corona, Italy
Shows Tenth Mountain Division troops in the early morning of February 20, 1945, securing the battered stone houses of Corona, Italy, which had been captured from the Germans during a night attack on Monte Belvedere.

(12) 1945 February 20. Tank destroyer firing near Mt. Belvedere.
Night view of probably an M10 Tank Destroyer firing on enemy positions in the area of Mount Belvedere (Monte Belvedere) in the Province of Bologna, Italy. The tank is near a two story stone building.

(13) February 21, 1945. Tramway on Riva Ridge, Italy
View of the tramway (loaded with supplies, an Army officer, an Army photographer, and Sergeant Paul Long) on Riva Ridge, Italy, during the Italian Campaign. Also pictured, a group of approximately 10 other soldiers stand on the landing deck or man the controls of the tramway as the carriage launches out over a steep valley covered with brush and snow. Behind the men is a stone building and in the background a rugged snow-dusted mountain. According to the caption, the tramway was built by the Tenth Mountain Division, 126th Mountain Engineers, Company D in nine hours using supplies including wire cable 1-inch in diameter. The carriage was capable of carrying loads of up to 350 pounds. The tramway was used to evacuate casualties quickly; it made its 1600 feet trip in four minutes.

(14) 1945 February 21. The first casualty of World War II evacuated by a tramway arrives at the end of his four-minute journey.
Medics and soldiers move towards a dead man on a stretcher hanging from a small temporary aerial tramway built by the members of the 126th Mountain Engineers at Riva Ridge in Bologna Province, Italy. The medics wear helmets with crosses painted on them. Shows a winch and tackle and a small gasoline engine.

(15) 1945 February 21. Company D of 85th Mountain Infantry, 10th Mountain Division
Members of Company D of the 85th Mountain Infantry, 10th Mountain Divison wind their way up Mount Belvedere in Bologna Province, Italy. The men are in uniform and carry packs, rifles, mortars and boxes of ammunition. Some of the men smoke cigarettes. The ground has patches of snow; a grove of bare trees is in the distance.

(16) 1945 February 22. Engineers of the 701st Tank Destroyer Bn. 10th Mountain Div. search for mines
A soldier with a mine detector hunts for buried mines near a damaged M10 Tank Destroyer near Mount Della Torraccia in Bologna Province, Italy. Soldiers stand with equipment and supplies on top of the tank. Parts of the damaged tank are on the ground. A man stands with a shovel and looks on.

(17) 1945 February. Raymond Roux & kids Vidiciatico Italy
Raymond L. Roux, a member of the 10th Mountain Division 87th Regiment Company F, gives food to children in Vidiciatico, Italy during the Italian campaign of World War II. Other soldiers are nearby.

(18) February 1945. Belvedere, troops before a battle
A company of the 85th Regiment, twelve in number, moves out across a ridge on Mount Belvedere while a larger group of roughly twenty Tenth Mountain Division soldiers wait in reserve, some in fox holes the rest in sheltered positions, including a medic, a man looking at his watch, and a few sleeping. There is a small patch of snow on the ground and a stand of leafless trees and mountain peak in the distance.

(19) [February] 1945. Bogged tank, Italy 1945
curved road. Trees and shrubs near the tank and on the higher hills are leafless.; Shows a frontal view of six Tenth Mountain Division soldiers in a tank on a steep and rocky road on Mt. Belvedere, Italy. All wear helmets, except one who seems to wear a floppy hat. Rucksacks are perched on the fenders of the tank. In the background is a treeless hillside punched full of shell holes. A few stone buildings are visible at the top of the hill. Behind them is a mountain range. In the valley are two pieces of road. A tank moves out of the frame on the

(20) February 1945. Debby with Doughnuts
View of Deborah Bankart of the American Red Cross making doughnuts with an automatic baking machine. The machine is the size of a large stove and doughnuts emerge through a shute where she picks them up with two sticks and arranges them in neat rows in large wire trays. The machine and the trays rest on packing crates. She wears two sweaters and a shirt and is working in a large open room with many windows.

(21) February 1945. Doughnut girl at work
Red Cross doughnut girl, Deborah Bankart, poses standing by an automatic doughnut making machine with one full and one partially-filled tray of doughnuts before her, which she handles with two sticks. She wears a sweater vest over a shirt and a cardigan and a Red Cross pin. The trays and the machine are set on packing crates. Bankart was the first doughnut girl with the Tenth Mountain Division in Italy.

(22) February 1945. Swing shift on Belvedere
A Tenth Mountain Division infantry man naps in a fox-hole with his rifle and rucksack nearby after being relieved during the fighting on Belvedere.

(23) [February 1945] Three GIs with six POWs in woods
GI closest to the camera turns toward it as two other Tenth Mountain Division soldiers descend a steep wooded hill toward six German prisoners who have their hands on their heads. The trees have some leaves.

(24) February 1945. Red Cross aide playing guitar
American Red Cross aide Dorothy "Dot" Nielson, sits playing a guitar for three members of the Tenth Mountain Division from the Quartermasters Battalion: t/5 Arnold Carpenter (left) , T/Sergeant Wilbert Rittmueller (kneeling) , and T/5 Bennie Levine as they eat doughnuts. The Red Cross automatic doughnut making machine is in the background.

(25) February 1945. View of Vidiciatico, Italy
View of the town of Vidiciatico, Italy, where soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division prepared for their first battle, the attack on Belvedere. Shows the town and its distinctive tower. the ground outside the town is covered with snow; trees are leafless.

(26) February 1945. Taking prisoners on Belvedere
A pair of soldiers from the Tenth Mountain Division's 85th Regiment move a group of German prisoners down Mount Belvedere's wooded slopes. The trees have budding leaves.

(27) [February 1945] Village of Gaggio-Montano, Italy
View of Gaggio-Montano, Italy, on the south east slopes of Monte Belvedere, which was a target during the Tenth Mountain Division's battle for Belvedere. Shows the town's major landmark, a rock formation with a chapel on top, and a church with a tall tower at the base, as well as the road through town and mountains in the distance.

(28) February 1945. "Digging in" under shell-fire near Corona, Italy
Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, 3rd Battalion troops "digging in" near the newly captured village of Corona, Italy, on Monte Belvedere as German shells fall among them.

(29) February 1945. Corona, Italy: "basepoint for all artillery"
Corona, Italy, silhouetted against the sky-line, became a "basepoint" target for both German and Tenth Mountain Division artillery.

(30) February, 1945. German Prisoners and destroyed tank on the Corona road
Shows the road to Corona, Italy, on Monte Belevedere. It and the surrounding fields had been heavily mined by the Germans. The tank in the foreground had been destroyed by mines. Nevertheless the Tenth Mountain Division successfully captured the territory and the photograph shows a group of German prisoners moving toward the rear.

(31) February 1945. The dead on Monte Belvedere
Sunset of the first day of the World War II attack on Mount Belvedere, the dead of both sides remain where they had fallen. Two corpses lie in the snow at the base of a slope.

(32) February 1945. Looking over the Appenines
A Tenth Mountain Division soldier looks over the Italian Appenines east from Mt. Las Piastra, northwest of the Cutigliano sector, toward German held territory in early February, 1945.

(33) [February,] 1945. View of Cutigliano, Monte La Serra, and Cappel d'Orlando, Italy
View of Cutigliano, Italy, Monte La Serra, and Cappel d'Orlando. The Tenth Mountain Division held positions in the town, at the bridge of Sestaione directly under the mountain opposite and at Pian d'Ontani up the valley, while the German Army held the mountains.

(34) February, 1945. View of Vidiciatico, Italy
View of Vidiciatico, Italy, with snow covered ground. The Tenth Mountain Division gathered here to prepare for the attack on Mount (or Monte) Belvedere in February, 1945.

(35) February 1945. Wrecked American tanks at Corona, Italy
View of wrecked tanks abandoned in Corona, Italy, by Fifth Army units that had captured Belevedere in November 1944 but lost it during a German counter-offensive. The tanks were still there when the Tenth Mountain Division's, 87th Regiment took and held the town. The stone buildings were destroyed by artillery.

(36) February 1945. Digging-in for the night at Corona, Italy
Soldiers of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, prepare to dig-in for the night at Corona on Belevedere. Three men in the foreground, consult one another around trenches in the rocky ground. A building scarred by a variety of types of arms fire looms above the men. Beside the building another group of men is digging-in as well. The mountain in the background is part of Riva Ridge.

(37) February 1945. Men in jeep approaching Monte Belevdere
Two helmeted Tenth Mountain Division soldiers, one wearing an army issue pullover sweater, the other wearing a field jacket and holding a machine gun, approach Monte Belevedere in a jeep. Both have their backs to the photographer. A covered truck drives down the road in front of them. The trees along the side of the road are leafless.

(38) February 1945. Monte Belevedere afternoon of the attack
View of battlefield on Mount Belvedere, Italy, taken in the afternoon of the attack. The photographer's unit had been in reserve in the morning at the start of attack and so this field, which had seen heavy fighting, looked peaceful by the time he arrived.

(39) February, 1945. Observation Point, Cutigliano, Italy
View of through the window toward mountains from the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, 3rd Battalion's observation point at Cutigliano, Italy. The 3rd Battlion patrolled the sector in the lower hills and valleys. According to the photographer, this was a rare sunny moment.

(40) February 1945. Soldiers gathered in the street, Cutigliano, Italy
Shows a group of three soldiers gathered in a narrow street paved with stones, and a tower in the background. The Tenth Mountain Division occupied Cutigliano, Italy in February 1945.

(41) February, 1945. Scouting from observation point Cutigliano, Italy
Major John McKay, executive officer of the Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, wearing a battle helmet and uniform, stands in a window scanning the territory below with binoculars and scouts the territory from an observation point in Cutigliano, Italy.

(42) February 1945. The tower of Vidiciatico, Italy
View of the tower from the snow-packed plaza of Vidiciatico, Italy, with a jeep parked beside it. From here the Tenth Mountain Division made preparations to capture Monte Belvedere from the Germans.

(43) February 1945. Valley below Cutigliani, Italy
View of the valley below Cutigliani, Italy. It was held by the Germans; and, according to the photographer, it was an excellent defensive territory, which was why the Tenth Mountain Division chose not to attack here but on Monte Belevedere instead.

(44) February 1945. View of Cutigliano, Italy
View of Cutigliano, Italy, with snow covered mountains beyond. Cutigilano was on the frontlines but in a relatively quiet sector of the Tenth Mountain Division's territory. Several 10th units spent time there, including the photographer's, and according to him, it was a good place to "get the feel of things in general" as it was his first frontline posting during the Italian Campaign.

(45) February 1945. View of Mountains from Cutigliano, Italy
incoming fire. The men arrived in Vidiciatico at about 4 a.m.; The Tenth Mountain Division, 87th Regiment, 3rd Battalion, moved from Cutigilano to Vidiatico at night. First they traveled by truck for 20 miles, then they marched with full gear for the next eight miles during a rainy night along what was, according to the photographer, "a back-road slippery, muddy, goat-path." Overhead the 10th's artilley was shelling Monte Belevedere and the Germans were firing back in defense, but otherwise the men did not receive any damaging

(46) [February] 1945. View of Gaggio Montana, Italy
View of Gaggio, Montana, Italy, located on the southeast slope of Monte Belvedere which became a landmark to Tenth Mountain Division troops on the way from Lizzano to Abetaia and Castel D'Aiano.

(47) Winter 1945. View of Mammiato Alto, Italy
View of Mammiano Alto, Italy jutting over the valley on the road to La Lima. It was a billet for the Tenth Mountain Division during the winter of 1945.

(48) Winter 1945. View of San Marcello Pistoiese, Italy
View of San Marcello Pistoiese, Italy, where Tenth Mountain Division soldiers were quartered during the Italian Campaign. It was near their headquarters at Campo Tizzoro.
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