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Зачем платить больше?

Train of Tomorrow. This experimental streamline passenger train was powered by a standard Electro-Motive Division 2,000 horsepower 'E-Series' diesel locomotive with two 12 cylinder, two cycle v-type diesel engines. The model was an E-7 built from 1945 to 1949. Lake Orion, Michigan. Kodachrome, 1947.
Kodachrome, 1947 год

Southern Pacific Railroad Locomotive No. 6003 and Sunset Limited Train Leaving Houston. Houston, Texas. Ektachrome, 1951.
Ektachrome, 1951 год
Tags: diesel, diesel-1, in color, robert yarnall richie, рельсы-рельсы шпалы-шпалы, рельсы-рельсы шпалы-шпалы-1

  • Willie & Joe

    One of 'em ain't been in long enough. The other has been in too damn long.

  • Willie & Joe

    "Вы не можете сражаться на два фронта!" (надпись на штыке "Слухи")

  • Willie & Joe

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