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Circa 1910. Packet steamer Jas. T. Staples
[Steampunk story]Shorpy's comment by petemeade:
"Built in1908, the ship could carry a cargo of 2500 bales of cotton. It was owned by Captain Norman A. Staples, son of James T. and Mary Staples. Staples ran into financial problems in 1912, and his creditors took possession of the ship in December 1912. Staples then took his own life with a shotgun on January 2, 1913. One week after his death, on January 10, 1913, his former steamboat was destroyed in a boiler explosion while about four miles away from where Staples was buried. Twenty-six people were killed and twenty-one injured in the disaster."
Tags: shorpy, steam age, steam age-1, море-окиян, море-окиян-1

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