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(Как я понял сопутствующий текст, карикатура основана на нытье по поводу продолжительного питания одними сухпаями, причем конкретно видами "К" и "С")

K Ration:
"As finally specified, the breakfast packet contained a canned meat product, biscuits, a compressed cereal bar, soluble coffee, a fruit bar, gum, sugar tablets, four cigarettes, water-purification tablets, a can opener, toilet paper, and a wooden spoon. The dinner carton had a canned cheese product, biscuits, a candy bar, gum, a variety of beverage powders, granulated sugar, salt tablets, cigarettes, and matches, a can opener and spoon. The supper packet included a canned meat product, biscuits, bouillon powder, confections and gum, soluble coffee, granulated sugar, cigarettes, can opener, and spoon. The biscuits, beverages, sugar, fruit bar, confections, gum, and spoon were packaged in a laminated cellophane bag while the canned meat and cheese product were put in a chipboard sleeve-type box. The two units were assembled and sealed in a waxed carton inclosed in the nonwaxed outer carton labeled with the K ration design and color. Twelve complete rations were packed in a fiberboard box which was overpacked in a nailed wood box for oversea shipment." (с) Army Operational Rations - Historical Background

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  • Willie & Joe

    One of 'em ain't been in long enough. The other has been in too damn long.

  • Willie & Joe

    "Вы не можете сражаться на два фронта!" (надпись на штыке "Слухи")

  • Willie & Joe

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