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Звезды и полосы в цвете

Довоенные самолеты. Самые разные.

Right side aerial view of US Navy Brewster F2A-1 Buffalo (BuNo 1393), ca. 1941.

High one-half left front aerial view of U.S. Army Air Force Boeing B-17C Flying Fortress (tail number {105MD}) in flight, the aircraft is assigned to Wright Field, ca. 1941.

High 0ne-fourth left rear aerial view of US Army Air Forces Boeing XB-15 (aircraft code 41R-46) in flight near Mitchell Field, Long Island, New York, circa 1941; photo plane to be seen along the right edge of the image.

One-half right rear view of a U. S. Navy Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina being towed up a ramp and out of the water by an Oliver Corp. tractor, many servicemen are in the water and on and around the aircraft.

One-half right front view of Curtiss AT-9 Jeep (Fledgling)  (CW-25) lined-up on a field at the Curtiss Aircraft Factory at St. Louis, MO.  Two aircraft have visible serial numbers (s/n 41-12043 second a/c from right and s/n 41-12049 third a/c from right).

One-quarter left front view of Curtiss SNC-1 Falcon (CW-22N) (BuNo 6298) taxing.  Other SNC-1's are visible in the background.  An unidentified aircraft hangar is visible in the background.

Left side view of U. S. Navy Curtiss XSB2C-1 Helldiver (BuNo 1758) being wheeled out of a hangar in Buffalo, New York, circa 1941.


One-half right rear view of a Douglas A-20A Havoc (s/n unknown) being backed into a revetment during the Louisiana Maneuvers of 1941.  This aircraft was part of the 'red' forces.

Partial left side view of the front half of U.S. Marine Corps Douglas R3D-2 having its left engine worked on by two mechanics and front langing gear worked on by two others; the aircraft is inside a hangar and there are many other U.S. Marine Corps aircra

Douglas R3D-2

Right side aerial view of U. S. Navy Douglas SBD-3 Dauntless ({5-S-14}), member of Scouting Squadron 5 from the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Yorktown, ca. 1941.

Right side aerial view of US Navy Douglas TBD-1 Devastator (aircraft code 42-S-16) in flight near shoreline, circa 1941.

One-half left front view of three United States Marine Corps Grumman F4F-3A Wildcat [BuNo unknown {VMF-111}].  Aircraft have a red cross painted on the fuselage.  Aircraft are part of the 'red' forces participating in the 1941 War Games.

One-half left front view from slightly below of Lockheed YP-38 Lightning (s/n 39-692) in flight.

One-half left front close-up view of nose and right wing of Martin (Glenn L.) (JRM) XPB2M-1 Mars (Model 170) (BuNo 1520) on the ground at the Martin Aircraft Factory, Martin State Airport, Baltimore, Maryland; Piper J-3 Cub (s/n NC 40743) is parked on its

One-half right rear view of Piper J-3C Cub (NX38505; a/c N? 6) parked at a store/filling station in Louisiana during the 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers.  A cavalry unit is shown passing by the J-3.  Aircraft has a white cross painted on the side of the fuselage

One-half left front view of Republic P-43 Lancer (s/n unknown) assigned to the 1st Pursuit Group at Langley Field, VA.  A 2nd Bomb Group, 96th Bomb Squadron North American BT-9 (a/c N? 79) is visible in the background.  The pilot of the P-43 is posed stan

Aerial view of four United States Army Air Forces aircraft in flight in formation; bottom (foreground) to top (background): Republic YP-43 Lancer, Curtiss P-40 Warhawk, Bell P-39 Airacobra, and Lockheed P-38 Lightning; 1941.

One-quarter left side view of Seversky P-35A (s/n 41-17468) on the ground.  This is the squadron commander's aircraft from the 17th Pursuit Squadron (PS).

One-half left front close-up view of American Export Airlines Sikorsky VS-44A

Rear view showing many Vought OS2U-3 Kingfishers lined-up at an unknown depot,  an officer is walking between the aircraft.

Б-17 и Б-18


Lockheed Electra

Гаваи, 1941 год

А это уже война, песок и пальмы

Martin PBM Mariner

Фотки взяты у vova_modelist
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