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Избранное из новинок Shorpy

1898. Winona, Minnesota. Bridges over the Mississippi. Sternwheeler Lafayette Lamb

1895. Memphis Bridge spanning Mississippi River between Memphis, Tennessee, and West Memphis, Arkansas. Cantilever span detail, view to southwest

New York circa 1907. Manhattan from the Brooklyn Bridge

Имперская архитектура
New York circa 1917. Skyscrapers, looking north toward towers of Woolworth and Singer buildings

Sept. 20, 1919. Bowling Green Offices, New York

New York, 1931. Western Union Telegraph Building, West Broadway. Ralph Walker, architect

New York circa 1908. The Singer Building

New York circa 1931. Irving Trust Building, 1 Wall Street

New York circa 1908. Trinity churchyard and skyscrapers

March 15, 1933. New York city views. Financial district from Hotel Bossert

Паровоз, одна шт.
Alexandria, Virginia, circa 1926. American Locomotive Co. -- Southern R.R. Crescent Limited 1396

Новинки техники: рация c hands-free гарнитурой...
Dec. 5, 1929. Ignition interference from airplane engines on aircraft is largely a myth according to C. Francis Jenkins, Washington, D.C.

домашний телевизор...
1925. Motion pictures by radio are very near, predicts C. Francis Jenkins, who has designed this small radio-vision receiving set for use in the home

Washington inventor and television pioneer Charles Francis Jenkins (1867-1934), pictured here with what might be considered an early flat-panel video display, its 48-pixel-square grid composed of small neon lamps

Washington, D.C., 1927. No caption on this Harris & Ewing glass plate of what seems to be facsimile equipment

Washington, D.C. Prof. H.E. Burton, 8.5.29. A Star Search matinee

Copper production circa 1906. 12,000 horsepower compound pump, Calumet and Hecla stamp mill, Lake Linden, Michigan

September 1940. Control room, waterworks. Conduit Road, Washington, D.C.

Этим дурили головы советским людям на выставке в Москве
1959. Anne Anderson in Whirlpool 'Miracle Kitchen of the Future,' a display at the American National Exhibition in Moscow

Дизайн 1939 года
June 12, 1939. House of Glass No. 4, New York World's Fair. Master bath. Landefeld & Hatch, architect

дизайн 1956 го
Queens, New York, 1964. Trans World Airlines Terminal, John F. Kennedy (Idlewild) Airport, 1956-62. Eero Saarinen, architect

Девочки в купальниках
Atlantic City circa 1922. Four young ladies on a roof

Circa 1951. Swimsuit model in Cadillac convertible filled with oranges

Собачки мелкие и большие
Feb. 9, 1928. Washington, D.C. Peter Pan, wire-haired terrier pet of the personal secretary to President Coolidge and Mrs. Edward T. Clark, arrived at the White House today attired in 'flapper galoshes

January 26, 1923. Washington, D.C. Largest and smallest dog at dog show

Городские улицы с лошадками
Circa 1900. Betsy Ross House, Philadelphia

и машинками
Washington, D.C., 1922. Black & White taxis at Pan American Union

Cleveland, Ohio, in 1911. Euclid Avenue

New York circa 1920. Palais Royal, Broadway

Circa 1901. Paterson, N.J., from Water Works Park

September 1942. New York. Looking downtown from the Third Avenue elevated railway in the 'Fifties'

Экипаж корвета "Рында"
New York, 1893. Columbian Naval Review. Group of sailors, Imperial Russian Navy

1893. Columbian Naval Review. Ship's company, Russian Navy

Предшественники ФБР времен Дэшила Хэммета
June 1926. Bureau of Identification, Department of Justice, Washington

30-е годы
February 1937. Tracy (vicinity), California. U.S. Highway 99. Missouri family of five, seven months from the drought area. Broke, baby sick, car trouble

June 1937. Child of Earl Taylor in kitchen of their home near Black River Falls, Wisconsin

May 1937. Migratory family traveling across the desert in search of work in cotton at Roswell, New Mexico. U.S. Route 70, Arizona

November 1936. Depression refugee family from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Arrived in California June 1936. Mother and three half-grown children; no father

June 1937. Child of Texas migrant family who follow the cotton crop from Corpus Christi to the Panhandle

November 1936. Destitute family. American River camp near Sacramento, Calif. Five children aged 2 to 17

November 1936. American River camp near Sacramento, California. Children of destitute family. Five children aged two to seventeen

January 1937. Flint, Michigan. Sit-down strikers. Fisher Body plant No. 3

1951. Segregation in the South. Which extended, evidently, even to pillowcases

1942 год
1942. Final assembly at Vultee's Downey, California, plant of the BT-13A 'Valiant' basic trainer

May 1942. Parris Island, South Carolina. Special Marine units learning how to bed down a big barrage balloon

May 1942. Parris Island, South Carolina. Tactical formations of barrage balloons prevent dive bombing and the strafing of important ground installations

September 1942. Fort Belvoir, Virginia. Sergeant George Camblair learning how to use a gas mask in a practice smokescreen

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