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Набор открыток "Some aspects of Vietnam"

Xunhasaba; Hanoi, R. D. Vietnam
Примерно 1968-69 гг. издания

1. Preparation for next crop
Foto: To-Na

2. Meo minority guerilleros
Foto: Le Vuong

3. President HO CHI MINH's native country
Foto: Bao Cuong

4. The «Ba Be» Lake (in Вас Can province)
Foto: Đinh Thuy

5. Bringing water to the fields
Foto: To-Na

6. Thai Nguyen Iron-Steel Complex self-defence Group
Foto: To-Na

8. A bump harvest
Foto: To-Na

9. Haiphong's Dam
Foto: Tung Xuyen

10. Here! The U.S. Air Forces
Foto: To-Na

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Интересно, кто их немецким оружием снабдил.

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